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What Our Clients Have to Say

At Valerie & Company, our mission is to help individuals and companies achieve greater success. With time-tested and proven presentations we provide the skills they need to increase productivity. Here is feedback from some of our clients. We are happy to provide additional referrals upon request.

Women in Business

“Thank you so much for inviting me to Valerie’s presentation today. I think she touched on all the important issues and did so very tactfully. There will always be confusion about where the boundaries are, especially when new people join the organization, and this was very helpful.”

“Thank you for the luncheon today. It was very informative. Ms. Sokolosky was a great choice for the Speaker. She offered some very good advice. Her comment that you should dress for where you want to be will always stick with me.”

“Thank you so much for organizing the presentation today. I found it very helpful and enjoyable. The feedback I am getting from the ladies in my department is very positive as well. I found Valerie’s suggestion of going into one’s closet and assessing the pieces that work and those that do not the most helpful and I plan to do just that over the holidays.”

“The presentation was great today. I think that the whole room enjoyed it, there was great conversation and details to the way we dress that will make putting together an outfit much easier. The three things I really took from it were: do the opposite of yourself, expected & respected, and the underlying importance of first impressions...Sometimes it’s hard to hear that the way you dress isn’t what is appropriate but I think that when everyone comes together it’s a little easier to address.”

“After today’s meeting, I have decided to wear a little make-up (maybe eyeliner and lipstick for now). Also, my clients in New York required us to dress business formal, so I have plenty of suits in my closet. I wear these suits on days that I wake up late because I do not have to iron them…After today’s meeting, I now understand that people expect consistency. I will try my best to stay consistent with the way I dress.”

More Testimonials

Thank you Valerie and Doug! I have so much to be thankful for this year and learning valuable lessons from you is one of them!

In one of our sessions, you told me to find a way to leave my brand, even during a board meeting. I couldn't fathom the thought of leaving my brand while presenting a formal board report, but I did! Here's my story:

Each time a person begins a board report, the presenter will address the board and audience as "Mr. President, members of the board, Dr. Cain (the superintendent), Ms. Spaulding (attorney) and guests, tonight I have the privilege of presenting blah blah blah..."

The gentleman that presented right before me messed up the introduction and then apologized for not getting it in the right order. He presented and then asked if anyone had any questions. One of our board members, Mr. Szymczak, who is very serious and always asks lots of questions, asked his normal 3 or 4 questions and then told the gentleman "oh and next time you address the board, just say 'Mr. Szymczak and everyone else.'" People chuckled. Then it was my turn to present.

As I nervously approached the podium, I addressed the board as you would expect: "Mr. Szymczak and everyone else." Everyone cracked up laughing! Mr. Szymczak was smiling from ear to ear and told our CFO to give me a raise. Everyone laughed some more. It was a textbook example of adding a little humor at the perfect time.

A big thank you to Valerie and Doug! Thank you for encouraging me to leave my brand tactfully and timely!

Audrey Ambridge

Valerie is a Crown Jewel of Executive Coaching! Having been coached by Valerie for the past year has been one of the most positive and productive leadership development investments that I have made. The experience Valerie brings to the table has afforded me an impeccable and unbiased sounding board by which to discuss "All Things Leadership". She offers experience laden insight, ideas, and intuition that have helped me navigate the tough terrain and turbulent waters that ALL leaders experience. Every coaching session with Valerie has left me re-invigorated to face my world from a perspective of, "Wouldn't It Be Great If...

Senior District Sales Manager

For the past several years Valerie & Company has acted as external consultants to our company and they have been an invaluable resource as it has transitioned from a small start-up operation to a viable company experiencing tremendous growth. Doug's pragmatic, straight forward style has been effective in help us resolve organizational and conflict situations in field offices, as well as coaching certain key executives on modifying personal management styles, which were impeding their effectiveness as leaders.

I regard Doug and Valerie as valuable resources as they guide us in assessing situations and look at options. They have made a very positive contribution to OpTel'' evolution over the last several years.

President and CEO

Looking back on the team building sessions, I feel its success was a direct result of the excellence, as well as the variety, of the program. Here's kudos to both of you for all you did to add value to me and my team through our transitions.

Vice President and CFO

As I document significant accomplishments for the year, the executive development I attended and sessions with my team have made fundamental changes in the way I conduct myself and how I interact with the team. You exceeded my expectations!

Director-Central Office Engineering

Valerie's hard work and attention to detail was evident throughout our sessions, and I am especially appreciative of the personal effort she put forth into ensuring each session was truly memorable.

Manager, Sales Training and Development

When you expect excellence and you get fantastic, it is memorable. Your program was a gigantic success and is the most talked about event we've had in a long time. It gave our managers the confidence and skills to function in any environment.

Vice President Sales and Marketing

Corporate protocol is indeed a mastered skill that is extremely important in the corporate arena. Valerie's overview on protocol and image was enlightening and informative. Her presentation was superb and directly on-target.


Our employees are still talking about your outstanding presentation to our senior management team. All the information you presented was considered very valuable and useful in the work environment. Your warm personality and sensitivity to others is a major plus.

Manager, Training and Development

Our team found your sessions both worthwhile and fun! You gave us an excellent opportunity to sample many areas of your expertise and plan to integrate the appropriate modules into our training efforts.

Executive Vice President-Employee Relations

What a wonderful session you conducted with my staff. The day was packed with valuable information and it made a remarkable, positive change with each person. The participants began implementing changes important to them that very day. You have an exciting program with universal benefits for everyone.

Regional Administration

What an exciting program! It was exactly what the sales people needed. The information you gave was well received and I know will be put to immediate use.

Training Program Manager

I want to personally thank you for your excellent presentation. I'm hoping you can build upon this program and give a series of presentation at future meetings. Thanks for all the pre-work you did to prepare for this meaningful program.

Area Administrator

Thank you for presenting your series of programs for our company. We all benefited from the first series and after completion of the others, we actually saw an increase in sales throughout the region. Based on response, it looks like further programs will continue in other areas of the country. I appreciate you customizing your seminars to the JC Penney corporate cultures.

Women's Publicity and Special Events

Your presentation was wonderful and informative. We all took away several new thoughts and ideas about our team and how to better perform in our individual and group roles. I look forward to improved results over the next year.

Vice President-General Manager

*****The positive feedback from our 640 employees who went through your training has been overwhelming! In my 25 years with Southwestern Bell, I have never witnessed such a positive response from both our management and employees. Your enthusiasm and ability to help all of us will definitely have a long lasting effect on the organization.

Senior Vice President-Operations

I've seen the results from this program in my own business, and the teachings from this seminar have given me confidence to attend the highest of business and government functions with confidence. I've also noticed what the competition looks like when they have not been able to have similar seminars.

CEO and President

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