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Executive Coaching: Maximize Your Potential

The demand for executive coaching is growing, particularly in a corporate world that has difficulty providing mentors for talented executives. Valerie & Company launched the Executive Coaching division to fill this rising need for her clients. Typically, these individuals are seeking ways to fine-tune their leadership skills and create a strong personal brand that differentiates them in the marketplace. This ensures greater success for themselves, their teams and their organization.

"itís official! Thank you both for all of your support and guidance this past year. It has made a significant difference in my development and one of the reasons you are reading the message below."

Promotion to Vice President-Fortune 500 Company

"As I document significant accomplishments for the year, the executive development I attended and sessions with my team have made fundamental changes in the way I conduct myself and how I interact with the team. You exceeded my expectations!"

Director-Central Office Engineering

Since 1993, Valerie & Company’s Strategic Executive Coaching has been used internationally by Blue Chip clients like Verizon, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, Sabre, Microsoft, EDS, Motorola, Mary Kay Corporate, Mastercard, Amex and Dell Computers. The range of issues addressed include:

  • Strategic Career Planning – Determining where professionals are, where they want to go and how to get there.
  • Mentoring – Valerie & Company serves as an unbiased sounding board using Doug Sokolosky’s seasoned experience at all senior level positions and having served on Fortune 100 advisory boards.
  • Effective Communication – Giving honest and direct feedback from two expert advisors with 27 years experience in leadership positions.
  • Relationship Building – Focusing on people skills that Increase individual and team’s ability to meet today’s business challenges.

"Most successful people have been attached to some coach or mentor, and this is exactly what Doug and Valerie Sokolosky have done for me."

Dr. Kay Kienast
VP of Marketing – Fortune 500 Company

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