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Use Summer's Slowdown to Elevate Your Brand


It's that time of year - where college commencements, end-of-year programs, dance recitals and awards banquets take center stage.

Many of us, in fact, tend to view May as an ending of sorts... and August as the beginning of the last half of the year.

But what about June and July?

Many people pull back during the summer months. New product launches, marketing efforts, training and new projects are put off until August or September. However, I consider the summer months to be filled with spectacular opportunity.

Take some time off. But then get back to work, refreshed and refocusing your energies on every possible summer opportunity to build your brand. Remember, you are your brand... and by building your brand all 12 months of the year you can leverage your individuality and uniqueness.

Why is summer a terrific time to reinforce and expand your personal brand? Because most of us tend to be less harried and more laid-back in warmer weather. We actually have time to "get it."

Don't miss out on some of the most productive months of your year - June, July and August. Here's one professional's story:

John, an owner of a large commercial real estate company, has had years of success in the local market. With the current economic times, John recognized the reality that he needed to establish his own brand identity that aligned with his company's strong brand.

"I have operationalized my personal brand into my daily work and keep this branding top of mind. My customers and employees have noticed things like a new tag line, new bio and new way of introducing myself and my company," he says.

The results? John has already increased business for the year, and is winning contracts when his competitors are still struggling.

"In the summer, it seems like people have more time - or take time to actually get to know you and what you do," he says. "I've already had meetings with prospective customers that seemed less hurried and, actually, were more productive."

So, what about you? Are you going to use the summer to build momentum and create more success?

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