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SGA Network Interview with Valerie

Topic: Leaders with a Strong Brand Can Effectively Manage Change

Topic: Personal Branding with Executive Coach Valerie Sokolosky

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Reach Certified Brand Strategist Valerie Sokolosky was a featured guest on the Dallas NBC5 series, "Ready for Recession Recovery." In an interview with series host Brian Curtis, Valerie provides expertise in building a personal brand for potential job seekers. She also offers valuable tips on how you can enhance your personal development through the branding process.

Want to know more? Click HERE to take a free personal brand quiz. Then, after reviewing your results, email Valerie at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to schedule a 20 minute free telephone consultation so you can learn more about the next steps in building an authentic and relevant personal brand.

Strategic Personal Branding and You

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You are your brand whether you consciously manage it or not. By not managing it, you are denying yourself and your career the ability to be authentic, creative and leverage your individuality and uniqueness. With a strong personal brand you ensure that everything about you or the company you represent is true to the values and definition of that brand.

Personal branding is the embodiment of your values, vision, purpose, goals and passions that has the ability to enhance and enrich your career or entrepreneurial success. Branding is the message you communicate in speech, writing, online presence and appearance. It is your fingerprint; it is your DNA. No one else has it or can successfully imitate it. The uniqueness that only you offer is not the logo nor the multimillion-dollar blitz campaign and is much more than image.

As an executive - hard work is no longer enough to ensure success and longevity. Prospective employers, clients and competition are googling you! Change is the constant and standing out is only as good as what you stand for. You must differentiate yourself with an on-line identity as well.

Valerie & Company, with its nearly three decades of professional consulting and executive corporate level experience, is uniquely qualified to guide you through an established, highly acclaimed three-step process that leads to successful personal branding in careers and business.

Workshops and seminars will focus on the keys to establishing a strong brand, the technique for identifying and remaining true to your brand attributes, and the importance of seeking and heeding appropriate feedback. You will learn to express your brand in a powerful and authentic “elevator pitch,” and make your brand an “always on” part of who you are.

How to Brand Yourself to Success

What is branding? In the common sense branding is recognition… the Nike swoosh; the Brawny Man; the little blue box from Tiffany's. The minute you mention a strong brand people would use the same words to describe it.

What if you could do that as a person? What if you were so recognizable that when people heard your name, they would describe you in the same positive light? You can learn to manage how you are perceived both inside and outside the company, take more control of your professional success, and know and live your personal brand. So what if you could hone your reputation as an intelligent, fair, hardworking business person with a good product or service and not only exude your brand but use your reputation as a marketing tool?

How to Create a Brand

Developing and maintaining a successful brand is a deliberate and dynamic process

  • Determine the unique value your brand represents
  • Articulate, identify and clarify your brand
  • Embody your brand in work and personal life

Why Branding?

A changing work paradigm makes branding essential

  • Loyalty and conformity are no longer enough
  • Career changes are more commonplace
  • Entrepreneurship is on the rise
  • Globalization is changing the face of many industries
  • Clients and consumers are increasingly media savvy

Branding for the Competitive Edge

The advantages of strong branding

  • Clear alignment and definition of values
  • Distinguishes you from peers and competition
  • Increases market value
  • Governs decision-making and goal setting
  • Optimizes and flaunts your strengths and skills
  • Directed to your target audience
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