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Mentoring Helps Build Your Brand: We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know!


Meg with her husband Derek Weinkauf and Jack Welch.

By Meg Weinkauf

Growing up as a millennial, I relied on my family to teach me some of life’s lessons; for example — I learned from my parents how to tie my shoes and when to say please and thank you. I believe that continuous learning is essential to teach us what we don’t know. Now in my thirties I often say, “tell me what I don’t know.”

There are things college didn’t teach, which is why having someone to learn from is imperative. I had many questions after beginning to work in the real world; for example, How do I build relationships with someone I don’t know? How do I ask for a mentor? Do I need a mentor? How do I handle politics within different companies and organizations? What should I wear to be respected as a young professional?

I had no one to ask until I found my mentor. Working with a mentor is one of the most amazing things in this world. My mentor is incredibly wise and has had many years of

experience. Even though I’m a millennial — and my mentor is a baby-boomer — we get along great! I believe that every generation can learn from one another.

I’ve been reading Valerie Sokolosky’ s book, “Monday Morning Leadership for Women” and it has been life changing for me.

MMLW 3D This book is timeless and has helped me work through many of my professional challenges. I’ve found her book to be a helpful guide at my mentoring sessions as I work through my specific work issues. One specific important lesson from the book is how to “manage sideways.”

In a mentoring meeting we talked about ways to work more effectively across departmental lines and build those important relationships with people in other departments. That was clearly a takeaway that I’ve applied now at my work.

As a millennial, I am passionate about the need to have a mentor to help guide me. And I’m grateful to have secured my mentor. I sincerely encourage every professional to reach out and get one.


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If you have five minutes – you’ll laugh at what mentoring IS NOT


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“Do it right in the presence you exude. Do it right in how you communicate. Do it right in how you demonstrate a strong personal brand. Do it right in how you look, act, walk, talk and ARE from the inside out. Valerie’s tips will build your self-confidence knowing you can Do It Right.”

Sokolosky low res

Monday Morning Leadership for Women

“Business leaders refer to communications, teamwork, and etiquette as “the soft skills.” They are not the soft

skills if they can get you fired. They are the foundation of business relationships, and nothing happens in business until there is a relationship. This book fills an important gap in the education of new and seasoned professionals.”

~Tom Trotter-IBM Executive & Community Leader


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