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5 Things I Can’t Live Without!


ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m delighted to be a regular contributor to the online magazine Prime Women. Below is my first published article to share with you.

What are those things that are absolute MUST HAVES in your life?

I’ve been noodling on that recently while vacationing in a town where Starbucks was nowhere to be found. The reason? They don’t allow “chain coffee stores” – so they told me. Can you imagine my withdrawal that week?

So, here is my list of 5 things I can’t live without (other than Starbucks):

1. Not Your Daughter’s Jeans

At last – someone designed a jean that is NOT what my daughter wears. These are absolutely the most comfortable, slimming jean ever! Speaking of daughter, mine had been touting the brand for months. Finally, she pulled me into the mall last week insisting “Mom, just try them!” The rest is history. I bought a pair in every color.



2. iPhone

I’m addicted, and not just for the phone. Being curious and a life-long learner, any spare time I have you’ll find me surfing for all kinds of information. Additionally, I feel secure that if some glitch happens and my tech gene doesn’t kick in – the Apple Genius Bar is always there for me. Just think – real people to answer my questions! How novel is that!

3. AGL Shoes

Spike heels have gone by the wayside. Comfort is where it’s at. It took a while to find shoes I like and that fit like a glove. Shoes that are both comfortable and fashionable. The AGL brand fits my fancy all the way around.


4. Trader Joe’s

Trendy and fun to shop, it’s my go-to store for tasty frozen foods – from appetizers to entrees to desserts. I enjoy finding different types of condiments, checking out their spectrum of wines, or flirting with the flowers to brighten up my dining table. It’s all there—and unique at that!

5. Yeti Cup

I already mentioned my Starbucks habit. I insist on ordering my latte at 180 degrees just so it doesn’t cool down too fast. Maybe I’m too particular, but I want hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. With my Yeti, it can keep the coffee hot or iced tea cold for hours. The next Yeti on my bucket list is their cooler to take on vacation. Yahoo for Yeti!

Yeti Cup

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