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Valerie & Company offers several customized programs for leadership development at all levels, with the premise that everyone must consider themselves a leader in the organization while behaving in a manner that reflects this competency.

Valerie and Doug, Itís been about a year since I attended our company sponsored training class given by both of you. The Leadership class was great and one of my "a-ha" moments was when you asked at the beginning of the class which one of us felt like we would be remembered as "that great manager I once had", or "the best manager I ever had". As our team members moved on, would anyone say "I remember my manager so-n-so that really made the difference?" Well, I wanted to thank you both for giving me that little extra fire and tools to be a great manager. I wish you both much success and keep doing what you are doing. It did make a difference.

McKesson Corporation

What a wonderful session you conducted with my staff. The day was packed with valuable information and it made a remarkable, positive change with each person. The participants began implementing changes important to them that very day. You have an exciting program with universal benefits for everyone.

Regional Administration

There is nothing more awkward-and more personally threatening-than not knowing what to do next in a social situation. We’ve all been there…the pregnant pauses that seem to intimidate even the most conversational person, being wary to determine the appropriate tip for a service-provider, hoping the person to whom you were recently introduced doesn’t remember your name either. And the list goes on. This program provides detailed explanations for handling even the toughest social scenario.
How long does it take to make a first impression? (You may never get a second chance!) In the throes of our hyper-paced business environment, those who practice the simple skill of projecting the right image for the situation at hand will quickly and effectively position themselves for success. In the spirit of what is expected and respected in the marketplace today, this program is an important session on understanding the “psychology of image.” Professionals across all levels of the organization will acquire skills necessary to separate themselves in complimentary and powerful ways.
Building relationships will provide the spark to becoming a more effective leader and team member. In energized fashion, learn your own work behavioral style and discover how to resolve workplace conflict efficiently. Learn to improve your relationships by focusing first on improving morale, increasing productivity and respecting others’ business philosophies. This powerful workshop gives participants a common language on which to base conversations. By inviting issues to surface that inhibit productive, synthesized work from being done, what you’ll find in the end is that you’ve fostered an environment for long-term trust relationships. It’s only in such a community that “silos” are banished and collaboration takes shape.
The participants will use tools to identify team dysfunctions, coach individuals and teams toward high performance, determine teaming stages of development and work out a coaching plan for reaching specific goals and objectives. Each person will be given a CD of the tools for future use.
In today’s matrixed and flattened organizations, it becomes necessary to manage sideways across your scope of reach. Participants will recognize the urgency of influencing others to get work done so they can focus on their roles and responsibilities. End result is to work collaboratively together in a more timely and efficient manner.
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