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Valerie Sokolosky is an engaging speaker who shares her wisdom and experiences in leadership development through executive presence and personal branding. She is a best-selling author of eight books, as well as an expert in her field. Valerie’s informative and entertaining presentations include topics on:

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Leadership is leadership; however, women have learned lessons on how to grasp future opportunities that use their innate strengths and capabilities. In this inspiring presentation based on the best selling book, Monday Morning Leadership for Women, Valerie explores the role we have in today's workplace, how women can make great strides in every area of their lives, ways to show leadership with their teams, peers and family, and how to make good choices.

If your client walked into a room with you and your competitors, what would make you stand out from the crowd? What would cause the client to choose YOU? People with extraordinary careers understand the value of using their uniqueness to create a personal brand worthy of note. Valerie explains 5 key strategies that give you a clear picture of how to accelerate your business using skills to develop a strong personal brand profile.
According to surveys from Stanford, Harvard and Carnegie Institute of Technology, 15% of success in business is due to technical knowledge, while 85% of success is due to people skills and a professional image. These will ensure more competitive, well-prepared leaders. Learn how a changing marketplace requires finely tuned executives with the instinct to lead others. Valerie’s principles are related from her book, Seasons of Success.
Today’s executives are called upon to function beyond the desk of social situations here and abroad. Knowing how to maintain an impeccable professional image will guarantee dollars well spent. Social savvy includes making proper introductions, remembering names, turning small talk into BIG talk and networking. This highly interactive keynote can easily extended into a workshop during lunch and practice principles learned at the meal. Great for conventions!
Change can be the best thing that ever happened or the worst, depending on how it’s managed. Valerie uses anecdotes, humor and her life’s experiences in sharing ways to deal with the changes and challenges in life and then makes the best choices, both personally and professionally. Remember that the most dangerous course of all is not to change with the times.

Taken at the National Funeral Directors
where I was speaking.
Speaking at the National Funeral
Directors Association

Testimonial for Valerie Sokolosky's speech at NFDA

Valerie Sokolosky presenting leadership
training for THE FOOD BANK
management team.
William Arruda and Valerie Sokolosky
at ICF Conference
Pamela Martin-Duarte, Ambassador
for Luxury Council of TX and
Valerie Sokolosky presenting program
on Branding Your Company For
The Future
Nikki Simon-Director of Programs
Greater Dallas Ft Worth Chapter
WTS , Valerie Sokolosky, and
Wanda Schafer-Chapter President
of the Greater Dallas Ft Worth Chapter
WTS. Valerie Sokolosky presented
program on Leadership, Branding,
and Balance for Women in
Transportation Summit

Speaking on Branding Your Style

I was thrilled to recently meet Eric Ly, the co-founder of LinkedIn and to find out about his innovative new company, Presdo.

Events & Presentations 2013

August 2013

August 12th - Training program on applying the Reach 360 brand assessment results toward how to grow your business.

Valerie Sokolosky - Leadership and Personal Branding Expert - It's a big thrill and an honor for me to appear regularly on KTXD-TV. View it here.

July 2013

This is vacation month for us. I wish each of my readers a pleasant summer month of July while I head to cooler weather in the mountains!

June 2013

June 15th - Begin engagement with Bellevue University serving as Content Expert for a Communications program developed for SunTrust Banks.

June 14th - Attend the Dallas Business Journal "Women in Business" award ceremony with my nominee, Diane Paddison

June 13th - ICF-North Texas Prism Award Ceremony. Participated on the planning committee

June 10th - Begin a leadership development project for The Nature Conservancy on Influencing without Authority. This will be delivered in 90 minute interactive webinar learning sessions to a global audience.

June 1 - Begin a six month executive coaching engagement on Personal Branding for a financial services firm.

May 2013

May 28-30 - Personal Branding Initiative engagement with Financial Services Firm.

May 7 - Professional Presence Program for L-3.

April 2013

April 20 - Begin co-developing communications program with Emily Crawford, Bellevue University's Chief Learning Strategist and principal architect for award-winning customized degree programs. What an honor!!!!

April 17 - Jackson Walker LLP Webinar on Communication Skills

April 13 - Executive Women of Dallas New Member Brunch


April 9 - Attending a luncheon featuring speaker Dan O'Shea, former ISAF Counter Insurgency Advisor to the Commander, International Security Forces-Afghanistan.

April 2 & 3 - Presenting a two day leadership program for TG.

March 2013

March 19 – Presentation Skills for NTTA (North Texas Toll Authority)

March 12 – Teleconference presentation throughout Texas for Jackson Walker Law Firm on Building Relationships through Effective Communication.

March 8 – Television Guest Appearance on KTXD-TV D Living. Topic: Show your Professional Brand as you Transition from Winter to Spring Clothing.

February 2013

February 26 – Professionalism in the Workplace Training Program for L-3

February 20 – Effective Communication Training Program for Jackson Walker Law Firm

February 15 – Television taping sessions to be included in upcoming programs

January 2013

January 14 – Speaking engagement on The Power of a Personal Brand for Episcopal School of Dallas

January 11 – International Coach Federation Meeting

January 10 – Executive Women of Dallas Board meeting

Events & Presentations 2012

December 2012


December 18- Facilitating a two-day leadership training program in Austin, TX that was developed by Valerie & Company. The topic is Critical Thinking and Decision Making.

December 14 – ICF North Texas program with Mac Fulfer, on Amazing Face Reading

Mac is a trial lawyer, author, and television guest on shows including CNN, Fortune, Larry King, and New Zealand National TV, among others. Don't miss this fascinating program teaching how you can read faces and know what and who you are dealing with!

December 14 – Board meeting and retreat for the International Coach Federation

December 12 – More certification training for Valerie

December 10 – More certification training for Valerie

December 7 – Valerie & Company welcomes a new client from Microsoft

December 6 – Presenting a Professional Presence program for McKesson

December 5 – Valerie continues to stay on top of what's happening in her leadership consulting field by attending two more certification trainings for Personal Branding

December 3 – Valerie & Company welcomes a new executive client

November 2012

November 28-29 – Philadelphia - Personal Branding program for one of the Big Four Financial Services Firms

THANKSGIVING WEEK – Best wishes for all of you who join me in celebrating this holiday.

November 9 – International Coach Federation Board meeting

October 2012

October 26 – Speaking engagement for Jackson Walker Paralegal Retreat.
Topic: Building Relationships through Effective Communications

October 14 - International Coach Federation North Texas Board Meeting and Program:

Luncheon Program: Ten Lessons for Selling Your Coaching Services by Debbie Mrazek.
Register at http://icf-nt.com/

October 10 – Alliance with Tanya Smith – Creative Business Strategist - http://www.tanyasmithonline.com/

October 4 – Keynote Speech for IAWA (International Association of Women in Aviation): Topic: Being Your Own Change Agent: Success at Every Stage of Your Career

September 2012

September 25-26 – Facilitating a Leadership Program for Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation

September 17 & 18 - Teaching Presentation Skills to 5 executives in preparation for presenting at a world-wide conference in London. Exciting!

September 15 – Presenting a Professional Presence Seminar for L-3 leaders

September 14 – Board meeting & Program- International Coach Federation North TexasLuncheon Program:

Dr. Jayne Gardner Neuroscience: Using Emotion to Forward the Action!
Tanya Smith
Tanya Smith

Workshop Program: Tanya Smith - creative business strategist
Spicy Hot Systems:

"Business Systems That Save You Time, Make You Money and Turn Your Clients Into Raving Fans"

September 13 – Executive Women of Dallas evening event

September 10 – Meeting with web company in Austin specializing in creating award-winning training simulations.

August 2012

August 17 – Teaching presentation skills for an executive at a Fortune 500 company

August 2 & 15 – Coaching with a Big 4 professional services firm

August 10 – International Coach Federation board meeting

August 9 – Executive Women of Dallas board meeting

August 2 – Coach Mentoring Session for International Coach Federation

August 1 – Meet several clients and prospective clients at a Work of Leaders Inscape Seminar (new product, great content for any leadership training)

July 2012

July 24-25: "Building Your Leadership Potential" - Leadership Training for TG – Module 1 – "Building Your Brand" - the first of four modules throughout the year

July 18: Speaking engagement: "Professional Presence: Building Your Brand" for IIAP
(The International Association of Administrative Professionals)

July 12: Wedding Etiquette Television appearance - on DFW CloseUp, Station CW33.

June 2012

June 21 – Prism Award Ceremony for International Coach Federation North Texas Chapter. Colleen Barrett will be our keynote speaker. I’ll be attending as the vice-president of the chapter and on the nominating committee.

June 8 – International Coach Federation North Texas Board Meeting

June 5 – Speaking engagement for W2WLink in collaboration with the Diane Von Furstenberg store in Highland Park Village, Dallas. "How to Modernize your Professional Brand, Style and Wardrobe Ideas" from DVF style expert and "Your Personal Brand Ideas" from w2wlink expert, Valerie Sokolosky.

June 2 – Board Meeting – Executive Women of Dallas

May 2012

May 30-31 – Executive Coaching sessions for one of the top financial services organizations

May 24th – Television taping of future video segments for Southern Gas Association

May 17-19 – Attending Coach Academy

May 17th – Executive Women of Dallas Board Installation – Joining the 2012-13 Board of Directors

May 10th – Speaking on Build Your Brand, Build Your Business - Women’s Council of Realtors

May 8th – Speaking on Building Your Personal Brand for Employment - Jewish Family Services

April 2012

April 28 – Strategic planning session for Executive Women of Dallas board members

April 23rd – Coaching with international company in preparation for IPO

April 17 – Webinar with Copper Conferencing

April 12 – Workshop on Building Relationships in order to Build Your Business

April 4 – Work with Fortune 500 company on identifying talent and coaching them to the next level

April 4 - Radio interview with Alexander on how I built my business and tips I’ve learned along the way.

April 2 – Welcome to new executive coaching client

March 29 – Speaking on Branding Your Style

March 27 – Speaking on Professional Presence to L3

March 12-14– Speaking in Baltimore for the Career Thought Leaders Conference put on by Wendy Enelow and Louise Kursmark.

March 7 – Attending Executive Women of Dallas meeting as a new board member

March 2 – Executive coaching consultation, facilitating the development of her new team

February 2012

February 28th – Coaching engagement with SVP for an international organization

February 25th – Welcoming new coaching client

February 24th – Attending LinkedIn event featuring Eric Ly, co-founder of LinkedIn

February 20th – Presenting a Leadership Program for the Food Bank executives

February 16 – 18 – Attending Coach Academy sessions on NLP

February 15 – Coaching on Presentation Skills for executive woman

February 10th – Attending Board Meeting for International Coach Federation and Program by Peter Demarest, co-founder and President of Axiogenics, LLC, co-author of the book Answering The Central Question, and a pioneer in the field of neuro-axiology

February 8 – Evening AMA meeting with my Mentee

February 8 – Television segment presented to energy and utility companies on Influencing without Authority

February 6 – Speaking engagement at Syracuse University for Personal Brand Week

January 2012

January 24 – Executive Women of Dallas meeting

January 19-21 – Coach Academy Credentialing Program

January 11 – Luxury Council – Dallas meeting

Events & Presentations 2011

December 16 – Speak for Baylor Health Care

December 13 – Coaching assignment with partner in Big 4 Firm

December 9 – Coaching assignment with professional speaker

November 17 – Speaking to University of Texas MBAs on Personal Branding

"I really enjoyed hearing you speak yesterday evening. You said a lot of helpful things that I had not heard yet from UT. Most speeches about 'soft skills' tend to be about the same things, but you introduced new topics and tips that will be very beneficial to us in the future. I also felt that it was very interesting and easy to listen to.

I apologize for having to leave early. I really wanted to stay until the end, but my group meeting interfered.

Once again, thank you for giving us your time

Lindsay Huntington
Master in Professional Accounting Program
McCombs School of Business
The University of Texas


"I’m just writing to say how much I appreciate you coming to speak to the MPA Council last week. Your talk was phenomenal, and those that attended have all told me how much they enjoyed what you had to say. Thank you again, and hopefully I will have the opportunity to work with you again in the future!"

Paul Nabhan
MPA Council

November 8-10 – Personal Branding workshops for Fortune 100 Financial Services organization - CA

November 4 – Keynote speech on Creating Your Executive Brand – The Leadership Imperative) for NAFE (National Association of Female Executives) – Dallas, TX

November 2-3 – Personal Branding workshops for Fortune 100 Financial Services organization – Philadelphia, PA

October 24 – Keynote Speaking Engagements for National Funeral Directors Association’s Yearly Convention in Chicago


October 7 & 17 – Mentoring engagement for American Management Association Program

September 29 – Facilitating Think Tank Panel Discussion for Luxury Council – Houston

September 24-27 – Attending International Coach Federation National Conference

September 23 - Speaking on Leadership Balance for Women in Transportation Summit

September 22 – Leadership Training for Food Bank

September 15 - Facilitating Think Tank Panel Discussion for Luxury Council – Dallas

August 27 - Professional Presence program for Vets Yellow Ribbon conference

August 19 - Training program development with Tremendous Life Books Publishing Company

August 16 -Build Your Brand - Build Your Business Webinar for IvyExec

July 20 & 21 - Leadership Training Program on Effective Communication Skills for Fortune 500 company

July 12 – Webinar on Personal Branding for IvyExec.com

June 16 – Keynote speech for IIBA – International Institute of Business Analysts

June 14 – Personal Branding webinar for IveyExec.com

June 9 – Co-hosting International Coaching Federation PRISM Award Ceremony

June 8 – Personal Branding webinar for YPO internationally

June 2 & 3 – Communication skills seminar for Fortune 500 leadership conference

May 3-4 – Personal Branding work with Partners in Financial Services Firm – NY.

May 1 – Personal Branding speaking engagement for Pharmaceutical Fortune 500 Company.

April 28 - Workshop for McKesson Corporation

April 14 - Keynote for Dallas Business Club – organization for MBA members

April 12 - Webinar for Ivy Exec – online executive search organization

April 4-5 - Keynote at Women in Leadership and Business Conference - Presented by Results Continuum for Canadian Executive Women

March 24-26 – Presenter at Spark & Hustle Women’s Conference in Dallas.

February 3 - Professional Presence keynote and fine dining etiquette for Florida Power & Light leadership conference of 150 people

February 2 – Professional Presence seminar and fine dining etiquette for Florida Power & Light senior leadership team

Events & Presentations 2010

December 11 – ICF Board Retreat – my first meeting as 2011 Vice President of Dallas, Ft. Worth Chapter

December 7 – Luxury Council Meeting – speaker Jim Brennan, President McKinsey & Co., North America. I serve as the membership ambassador.

December 1 – Personal Branding Workshop for a regional marketing company

November 9 – Day program for McKesson Leadership on Professional Presence

November 5 – Personal Branding for Market Wave Marketing Company

November 2 - Luxury Council Meeting with Robert Bloom, author The New Experts

October 28-30 - Fort Worth, TX – ICF International Conference

October 12 - Dallas, TX – Executive Coaching for senior executives at Fortune 100 company

October 4 - NY, NY - Executive Coaching for a partner at one of the Big Four global professional services firms

October 2-3 - NY, NY - Being vetted in yet another Master Coaching REACH program. Loving this work

March 2012
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