It is so much more than how you dress, or network the room. 
So much more than being able to talk the talk.  

Executive presence is the ability to inspire confidence
with your team, your peers and management, and with your senior stakeholders.

For entrepreneurs, it plays a critical role in defining how successfully 
 you and your personal brand are perceived by the world.

And it is  a skill that can be learned, 
one that we can all cultivate and develop.

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 your executive presence!
Executive Presence is your ability
 to inspire confidence

Confidence with your team, your executives and your audience! 

You already have a personal brand - 
whether you are aware of it or not.

People will judge your capability and trustworthiness in less than seven seconds, based on how you show up. Within five minutes, they have already decided whether they want to do business with you.

Personal branding has become a MUST if you want to progress in your career, build your success, add value to your organization and stand out from your peers and competition. 

Personal branding shows your uniqueness, your values, your goals. 
It’s the reason people choose to work with you.

Trailblazing Executive Coaching and Consulting

Valerie Sokolosky 

Internationally recognized as a National News Contributor, Valerie is an expert in her field of leadership presence and personal branding. She is one of only 20 Master Brand Strategists worldwide and has received front-page press coverage in the Wall Street Journal as a pioneer in executive coaching. 

She has served on executive boards including the prestigious Leadership America, Executive Women of Dallas, and UBS Financial Services. 

Author of eight books on professional presence and leadership, Valerie passionately shares her vast knowledge on topics that are compelling and relevant today more than ever before. 

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Doug Sokolosky

Successful solution based coaching for executives, Doug Sokolosky's pragmatic approach and straight forward style is based on 30 years of experience having worn the hats and done the jobs! 

He knows how to drill down to the core issues and resolve problems that can be executed. 

Reputed as a trusted advisor, he has helped leaders resolve organizational and conflict situations, a s well as coaching key executives on modifying personal management styles, which were impeding their effectiveness as leaders.

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