Your brand tells the story
 of who you are

No matter what industry or position you are in, you can showcase your enthusiasm and expertise in the way you tell your story!

Great things happen when leaders develop  
strong personal brands

How are you promoting yourself? 

Stop and think for a moment of how other people see you. Do they see you the way you want to be seen? Does the way you currently show up in business reflect your unique expertise and experience?  

Are your skills and personality reflected in your conduct, behavior, communication and attitudes? Do people trust you before they've met you, based on your reputation and street-cred?

How do you stand out from others
who do what you do?

Your personal branding tells the story of who you are, and done right, it can develop your business and grow your career more than you can ever imagine.

That’s why our leadership model focuses on Presence and Branding— so you can have meaningful communication for powerful impact and broader influence. It takes both!

Your Presence: How you show up - how you look, act, walk, talk and ARE - from the inside out.
Your Brand:   Being clear on who you are and how others perceive you.

When combined together, it allows people to have complete trust in 
who you are and what you say.

And trust is the cement of relationships.

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Your Professional Presence should present  an Image of Excellence

When your Brand and Presence converge —you’re there! That’s the place of leadership distinction.

Valerie and Company delivers customized coaching and training around
 Executive Presence and Personal Branding.

Whether you are an individual wanting to level up your game, an entrepreneur needing to establish your presence, or a corporate organization, 
Valerie will position you and your team for maximum potential.

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Fine tune your competencies, 
sharpen your professional presence

— and quite simply, you will achieve greater results!

Valerie regularly releases tips, techniques and training resources on a variety of topics around Executive Presence and Personal Branding.  

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What People Say

"​Valerie Sokolosky is an outstanding executive coach and servant leader!  

She took me to the next level personally leading to a promotion professionally. Her tools and techniques allowed me to get to know myself and my strengths as well as my opportunities for improvement while simultaneously building up my confidence and self-esteem. She has a wonderful way of getting to know you so that she can direct you to maximize yourself! "

Heather Herndon-Wright
Director, Vistra Energy

Valerie Sokolosky and her company have been working within Alpha Corporation and with me one on one for the past several years. They have offered their outstanding experience not only in business areas but in communications, personal relations and social matters. 

Valerie has the sensitivity to fully comprehend the needs to present the right and perfect way to develop people and implement projects.  She is an exceptional person who has demonstrated her unique taste and knowledge in a variety of management development areas.

Lic. Mariangela Assad Morrell 
Public Relations Manager

Alpha Corporativo - Mexico

I truly cannot say enough about the benefits of the coaching and your personal branding process. 

No question it has been where I have seen the biggest return from participating in the Chamber’s Lead Young Professional year of development.

 It has enabled me to move to my first management position! I think it would be great to find a way to make this accessible to all emerging leaders moving forward.

Meghan Kelley, Managing Director Membership and Revenue Growth

 Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce

Your coaching with our talent development candidates has really made a difference. We have been able to develop their performance up over 100% year to date, which has made a huge difference in our company’s overall performance. 

I have spent more energy around those high potentials as well as supporting our top performers. Those you coached took so much away from spending time with you, and I feel this rise in performance has been the most dramatic impact to date.

Senior Human Resources Professional

Fortune 500 Company

As the business environment has become more global, the demand for savvy social skills and awareness of etiquette practiced in all cultures is higher than ever. 

More companies now seek individuals who are proficient team players and able to function well in any situation, whether at home or abroad. 

Do It Right: The New Book of Business Etiquette written by Valerie Sokolosky, is a comprehensive guide to accepted practices in today's business community.

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