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Aligning skill, talent, and presence to help you make your mark - and make it count!

Powerful leaders take time to invest
 in Personal Development

The push and pull of middle management can be exhilarating or exhausting ... and we know just how overwhelming the pressures of senior management can be.   

It is no longer enough to be technically skilled at what you do. 

In order to fast track your career and deliver at the top of your game, 
you need to have the full stack capability: 

Professional Image, People Skills, Communication Skills, Managerial Skills.

You are good at what you do. Our coaching will take your performance to the next level.

Personal Coaching and Team / Group Programs that are catered specifically to your journey.  Insightful, inspiring, always impactful.

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Commit to every opportunity that allows you to learn and develop yourself

Great skill isn't enough any longer. You need to have the whole package and coaching will get you there.

Just some of the market leaders that  Valerie and Company is privileged to work with

What People Say

" When you expect excellence and you get fantastic, it is memorable.  Your programs were a gigantic success and are the most talked about events we’ve had in a long time. 

They gave our managers the confidence and skills to function in any environment. "

Jerry Acuff
CEO, Delta Point, Inc.

Doug’s pragmatic, straight forward style has been effective in help us resolve organizational and conflict situations in field offices, as well as coaching certain key executives on modifying personal management styles, which were impeding their effectiveness as leaders.

I regard Doug and Valerie as valuable resources as they guide us in assessing situations and look at options. They have made a very positive contribution to our evolution over the last several years.

Louise Brunel 
President and CEO

Optel Communications

If you are a Senior leader looking for help in developing a stronger Director team, Valerie and Doug are the perfect combination.  I have worked with them extensively to help both newly promoted Directors as well as tenured leaders.  In every case, they tailored a plan that improved the overall leadership effectiveness of the individual.  

Their ability to listen, diagnose and adapt their coaching to the individual is nothing short of phenomenal. 

 They are the perfect complement of how to utilize people skills to drive bottom line results for the organization.  Additionally, they make sure the leader is working in sync with the culture of the organization.  The outcome is a more aligned and focused team poised to achieve organizational results.

Kathy Koelle
Senior Vice President/
General Manager

 ​Verizon West Coast Region

Valerie Sokolosky is an outstanding executive coach and servant leader!  

She took me to the next level personally leading to a promotion professionally. Her tools and techniques allowed me to get to know myself and my strengths as well as my opportunities for improvement while simultaneously building up my confidence and self-esteem. 

She has a wonderful way of getting to know you so that she can direct you to maximize yourself!

Heather Herndon-Wright Director

Vistra Energy

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