December: A time for putting a parenthesis in life

That’s what December will be for me this yearA parenthesis. A time to undo stress and uncover rest. Maybe it’s something you also could consider?

Oh, I know, I know! This is the first day of the last month of the year, and you must rush to get things done. I get it.

Somehow this 2022 December will be very different—for me anyway. This 2022 December my intent is to undo stress and uncover ways to rest.

What’s my plan? 

These three very simple actions you might also contemplate:

  • STOP doing things that are urgent. Rather, keep doing those things that are important.
  • START putting in place plans for first quarter 2023. Let the ideas flow forth while you slow the pace.
  • CONTINUE working with my fabulous associates who support me every step of the way. Thanks Jeff, Ziggy, Susie, Franz, Meg, Faye, Mina, Juanita, Jeanie, Kristi… and many others. You are appreciated more than you know!

Now it’s your turn.

What are three things YOU can do this month to de-stress and get more rest for the soul? Send your ideas to me, I'd love to hear from you! 

In my blog post last month, 'What Words to Lose', I asked you to send through YOUR bugaboos - here are a few of the fun responses that came in!

 “per my last email”   - Basically, the person is saying that the email recipient is an idiot.

“gotcha”  - We’re not cattle waiting to be roped!

 “I hear ya”  - How can you when we aren’t speaking?

“going forward” - So do you think I’d want to be backward?

 “like, like, like, like”  - Ugh. Get over it. You’re not a teen any longer. Or are you?

“it was epic”  - What movie are you talking about?

 “stay the course” - I’m not a golfer!

 (You all really got engaged with this one. Glad you enjoyed it!)