January 2023: It's a brand new year! Welcome 2023

What a year that was!

What a year 2022  was! I’m personally ready for a new page to be turned with 2023. What about you?  It seems like a blur of time—time with good, bad and in-between experiences.

The good, the bad and the ín-between of 2022

 The good:

I’m grateful for the people who have come into my life during this past year.  I have met so many new friends, met fascinating vlog cast guests and worked with the most incredible clients.  

 And I am so grateful for the people who I have known for such a long time who has stayed with me on this journey!

 Each person has been a sparkling facet on my diamond called life. Yes, diamond. I value each one as I would a valuable diamond. With all the twists and turns of personalities, I find them fascinating.

The bad:

You guessed it. Covid hit me. And on a speaking engagement, so it certainly wasn't the best timing - but it’s over for now and I am back to full health and excited to see what 2023 has in store for us all.

The in-between:

Weather comes to mind. Dallas has had an unseasonably warm winter - that is, until the recent blast of cold that hit so many of you. I used to say, “When you live in Texas get ready for the unexpected weather.” Now all of you can likely echo that. Where-ever you are, I hope you survived the chaotic weather of the last few weeks of the year.

Now for 2023 ... 

I wish all of you a turnaround year. Turnarounds in business, in relationships and in health. All for the better. That’s my prayer for you.