June - Image really is everything

How long does it take to assess someone? To determine if they are capable, trustworthy, deserving of your business? Someone you’d want to work with or hire? A leader you’d want to follow? 

Does it take an hour? Five minutes? Mere seconds?

Believe it or not, most people make a judgment in less than seven seconds. SEVEN SECONDS. In that amount of time, you barely have time to say your name, take a breath and ask a question.

So, what makes an impression in those seven seconds?

What’s YOUR definition of Executive Presence? 

Here’s mine - your Executive Presence is the image that you present to the world. How would someone describe your image? Why not ask a few people?

It’s how you show up. Simply put – it’s how you look from the tip of your head to the bottom of your shoes. That means your hairstyle, your clothing, your posture. Do you appear comfortable in the room, full of positive energy (instead of draining it) and confident in what you’re doing and saying?

How do you act? Do you make eye contact, smile and genuinely appear to want to be there – whether you ‘feel’ it or not?

How do you speak? Calm, composed voices get attention; loud and boisterous are a turn off.

Executive Presence is the ability to inspire confidence. When you enter the room do people sit up and pay attention?  Do they tune in and absorb what you’re saying? And when you depart, do you leave them with a sense of calm and security, inspired to take the next steps to fulfill their roles?

The key is to present an image to the world that MUST be congruent with who you are inside.

If you’re not confident in your abilities, it shows. If you’re not confident with your team, it shows. And they will know. Within those SEVEN seconds.

I’ll say it again - Image is everything!

Now the best part? Executive Presence can be learned. Want to work on yours? It’s fun! Let’s talk!