March: From the Old to the New this Spring!

Spring Cleaning is a ritual in our home!  

Every Spring we do deep cleaning – vents, corners of the rooms, behind the furniture. Here’s the hardest spring cleaning for me. Cleaning out my closet. The clothes I haven’t worn in awhile are calling me to either wear them or let someone else enjoy wearing them. Am I talking to the choir here? 

Spring cleaning is a passage – from the old to the new. Getting rid of ‘stuff’ (including accessories) that is outdated or not worn in over a year. Now, some of you will say – ‘But Valerie. If I keep it long enough it will come back.’ Eek. Don’t go there. 

Let’s make this relevant to our life.Our eyes should be on the new! The new direction. The new way of doing things. The new technology that’s sometimes dad gum overwhelming to me! But with an attitude flip of the switch, we can embrace the growth opportunities. 

Ask yourself these three questions: 

1. When was the last time you cleaned out your closet? Clothing I mean.

2. When was the last time you cleaned out your old technology knowing it will take time to learn the new?

3. When was the last time you cleaned out your old habits and embraced new ones? 

It’s amazing to me what we hold onto – in clothing, but more importantly in life; at work; in our habits and behaviors; in our repetitive routines and rhythms. If we don’t clean out, clean up and clear our metaphorical closets, there will be no room for new. 

It’s the same in life. Sometimes a different perspective is exactly what we need to get clarity on what needs to be cleaned out. If you are ready for a deep dive spring-cleaning so that you can get ready for the new, then let's get busy! 

This year seems to be flying by, doesn't it? As the clocks turn to summer time, give yourself permission to slow down and breathe deeply ... little mini-moments of rest are powerful refreshers in amongst the chaos of the day-to-day! 

Don't forget to reach out if you want to do some spring cleaning on your own!  You can set up an appointment in my calendar here: I'm really looking forward to connecting with you soon

Until next time,

Valerie Sokolosky