October: Time to Crush the Pumpkins!

Okay, not literally – pranksters have that taken care of this month!

 I’m talking about crushing the 4th quarter of 2022! 

It’s another opportunity to crush our goals, stamp them out and sing about it.  When Theresa (my exercise trainer) sends text reminders of our sessions – she repeatedly ends the message with “See you tomorrow morning at 7:30AM. LET’S CRUSH IT!”

 It’s clear what she means:

  • We’ll push our boundaries.
  • We’ll level up our routines.
  • We’ll leave exhausted but exhilarated.
  • We will work hard toward our goals.

Theresa uses her creativity to capitalize on our commitment. She uses her energy to keep me engaged and following through. And motivation comes with blaring music, variety of routines and her encouragement along the way. “You’ve got this! Good job. Keep going. See you did it!”

 Hmmm- seems to me that there are some leadership lessons in there!

Here are Three Tips to Crush Your Year End Goals:

 1. Find a way to stay motivated.

 We all have those times when we are working on a project, where it feels like we simply aren't making any progress at all.  Especially when we are working on a solo project, we can struggle to come up with coherant ideas and lose motivation and confidence in what we are doing -- and if we are not careful, that can impact on our productivity as our self-discipline starts to wobble.  What I do is celebrate the small steps: for each small accomplishment or completion of a section of a project I am working on, I reward myself. Sometimes with a chocolate yummy, a new candle for my desk or coffee break with a friend. What works for YOU to stay motivated? 

2. Bite off only what you can chew.

 How do you eat an elephant? As the saying goes, you eat an elephant one bite at a time. (Where did that silly saying come from anyway?) The point is – don’t get overwhelmed by the enormity of the goal. Don’t look at the tons of things you have to deal with. Instead, take bite size actions – one at a time, step by step.

 3. Visualize your intentional results.

 When I was writing Do it Right: The New Book of Business Etiquette, and got blocked and feeling I’d never complete it, I did one thing that helped move me forward. I visualized my published book on all the shelves across the country. I saw that sticker I now put on the front cover that says “over 60,000 books sold.” And I finished the book.

 Sports teams know and use the power of visualization. Use it!

 So, tell me…How are you ready to crush it 4th quarter? What’s your plan? Let’s share with each in our community! Cheers to y’all.