September: Five Ways to be Liked by More People

Let’s just start with reality – it’s impossible to be liked by everyone.

 And the further up the ladder of success you go, the harder it becomes. The truth is - you do NOT want to worry about everyone. Instead, you should focus on your target audience; those people or groups who can influence your reaching your goals.

 How are they receiving your message? Do they like what you have to say? Are they connecting with your brand?

Here are five ways to make your target audience like you MORE:

1. Be a better listener. Ok – so you think you listen. But wait…Do you really? Do you interrupt? Is your brain starting to think of what to say next? Are you thinking about what you must do when this conversation is over? Try to let your mind be a blank slate. Don’t let your mind fill with pre-conceived ideas and answers. Don’t be concerned about all that’s on your plate. Just LISTEN.

2. Ask questions. I’m amazed how many people tell, tell, tell and then tell more. Yuck. That’s selfish and disrespectful. What questions can you ask another to get an engaging conversation going? Be ready with one or two. Consider saying, “What else?” or “Tell me more,” or “How did you do that?” 

3. Care. Really care—about others. T

4. Be willing to say, “I’m sorry,” “I don’t know,” and “You may be right.”

5. Lighten up. Humor is soothing to the soul. If you can laugh at yourself, that’s awesome. Never laugh at others when they aren’t trying to be funny. That’s disrespectful.

 What other ideas do YOU HAVE to engage more with your target audience? Send them my way please...this subject is rich for further discussion!