Social Savvy is more in demand than ever before!

How effective is your Social Savvy?  

Here is a surprising twist on the old Covid Story:  

Now that employers are insisting that people return to the office, leaders are beginning to mandate etiquette classes! In fact, in a survey of 1,548 business leaders  last week, many of them are concerned about the way employees are dressing, as well as their interactions with one another or with customers.

Yahoo! Etiquette and Image expertise is again needed, and my phone has been ringing.

Etiquette and Image are “always” important subjects – especially as returning office workers seem to have lost their desire to have a professional image and practice social savvy!  As the pandemic hit, we all had to repivot the way we interacted with our clients and colleagues. There was a massive scramble to gear up our tech, as every encounter took place on a digital platform - from emails, instant messages, and video calls.

 But now, according to Market Watch, the current trend is shifting back to working in the office, either full or part-time.  Some employees who are now having to go into the office may have never done so before - and they're joining others who may have forgotten how to act or dress professionally. 

And, with companies becoming more diverse and globally interconnected, it’s become imperative to understand cultural nuances and show respect in all interactions. As etiquette norms shift, the need to retrain employees in workplace decorum is critical.

So, here's a question for you:  If you took a quick mental snapshot of your company's Social Savvy, where would it land?

I would love to hear from you what social skills you consider to be the most lacking in this tech-dependent world!

Social Savvy has been my flagship, signature program for more years than I can remember! As a social savvy etiquette coach, my mission is to empower companies and their employees with essential etiquette skills, so that they can consistently DO IT RIGHT. I tailor training programs to suit the specific needs and culture of each organization, providing practical guidance on various aspects, including:

  • Business Communication: Mastering effective and respectfulcommunication on different channels, such as emails, video conferencing, and in-person conversations.
  • Cultural Awareness: Sensitizing employees to cultural differences and practices to avoid misunderstandings and cultivate a more inclusive work  environment.
  • Networking Skills: Offering tips on networking etiquette to help employees make meaningful connections and represent the company professionally. 
  • Personal Branding: Emphasizing how individual behavior contributes to the overall reputation of the company’s brand.

and then, (which is always accompanied by an enormous amount of fun and laughter):

  • How to show up for the different types of corporate entertaining occasions - 
  • What's in, what's not, and what to NEVER do!

Call me to set up a workshop in your organization around Social Savvy! Let's bring etiquette back into the workplace!