Taking time out for Passion, Purpose and Joy!

The last few weeks I have taken time out of the office to capture happy moments and experiences in Europe.... and it was the perfect opportunity to combine some of my not-so-secret passions in one glorious joy-fest!

Two things that I adore is cooking good food, and exploring new places - and over the past two weeks I have been unbelievable fortunate to have indulged both of those passions in a Cooking Extravaganza experience in Tuscany, Italy.

It was a joyous explosion of sounds, sights, smells and senses as we cooked up a storm - and explored the beautiful countryside of Tuscany when we had time. Like all good things, it ended far too soon, but I will confess to you that I left a little bit of my heart under the Tuscan Sun!

What are YOU passionate about? 

We spend so much time focusing on building our career, our teams, our businesses and it is just so important to remind ourselves that we are multi-faceted people. All work and no play and all that.  

 What fills your tank?  What makes you feel as if you are inspired, passionate and in purpose?  We are heading for our Summer Holiday Season soon ... what are you going to do that will bring you joy, fuel your motivation and creativity, and put a smile in your heart?

 Whether it's pursuing a hobby, spending time with loved ones, engaging in physical activities, or exploring new experiences, these moments of joy can rejuvenate your spirit and enhance your overall well-being. 

I shared with you some of my secret passions ... I would LOVE to hear some of yours!